The New Directions Studio

Job Search Services

Perhaps you already know what it is you want to do and what you're seeking is help getting there.  Or maybe you have recently experienced an unexpected displacement from your job.  I can help you with the following:

  • Clarifying what you have to offer the marketplace;
  • Resume and cover letter writing;
  • Securing references:
  • Pursuing jobs in the paper, on-line, and through other publicly advertised venues;
  • Pursuing the 70% plus jobs that never make it to the newspaper through effective networking and direct company targeting;
  • Identifying companies in your field who hire people like you;
  • Nailing job interviews;
  • Negotiating offers.

Many of my clients are outplacement clients meaning folks who have been laid off due to company restructuring.  Over the course of this year so far, I have worked with laid off folks from Ben and Jerry's, Simon Pearce, Goodrich Fuel and Utility Systems, Deringer, Capital City Press, Creare, Northwest Counseling, Lane Press, and Husky.  The number of sessions will also vary depending upon your interests and needs.